Connecting public voices with public policies

Identifying effective means of increasing citizen participation in decision making is timely and relevant considering the impact of the pandemic on populations and governments preparing to lead their people through post-pandemic recoveries. Accelerator Lab team in Kazakhstan envision this period of increased digital services delivery as an exciting opportunity to strengthen ties between the state and its people, making collective intelligence and inclusive decision-making a new norm.

Agorà — a transformational dance with urban systems

Agorà is a City Transformation Portfolio — a template that can be applied in any city system for designing and managing pandemic response and renewal plans aiming for urban transformation.

Agora videocast: Nora Bateson and Luca Gatti on Covid-19 and Thinking Through Complexity

UNDP Europe and Central Asia launched a new videocast series on using systems thinking to solve development challenges. In this opening episode of the series on agorà, Nora Bateson and Luca Gatti discuss how we unpack complexity in societies and demonstrate its relevance through new ways of working in development.