Digital Impact Investment – an interview with Marina Petrović, Robert Pašičko, Rawad Rizk & Dr. Nikola Markovic

UNDP AltFinLab and UNDP Lebanon have created a system solution and technical platform together with the Social Impact Network. The platform, built during the DLT4EU accelerator program, can support the recovery of Lebanon, particularly to provide sustainable energy to facilities such as hospitals and schools, by providing access to funds that would be used to build solar PV plants.

There are risks in doing something new, but there might be even more risks in doing the old!

UNDP Istanbul Hub and Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra put their heads together and thought about the challenges around impact bonds-what comes to preventing and solving wicked societal problems, the core idea, and the benefit of impact bonds.

UNDP Alternative Financing Lab – the next big thing is a lot of small (and smart things)!

From blockchain to crowdfunding, Alternative Finance Lab mobilized over EUR 3 million across a series of experiments with new financial mechanisms.