Digital Impact Investment – an interview with Marina Petrović, Robert Pašičko, Rawad Rizk & Dr. Nikola Markovic

UNDP AltFinLab and UNDP Lebanon have created a system solution and technical platform together with the Social Impact Network. The platform, built during the DLT4EU accelerator program, can support the recovery of Lebanon, particularly to provide sustainable energy to facilities such as hospitals and schools, by providing access to funds that would be used to build solar PV plants.

Track-and-Trace: Creating Fairer and More Transparent Supply Chains for Women-Owned Cooperatives in Morocco

UNDP AltFinLab explains their Track-and-Trace project, led under the DLT4EU accelerator programme, and addresses how the application of DLTs help solve societal and environmental challenges in Morocco.

Supporting NGOs in the Muslim world; what Tadamon can offer

In the Arab region despite steady progress in reducing poverty and boosting health and education, many countries face daunting development challenges. Tadamon aims to strengthen the role of civil society in development programming via innovative financing channels.

Adopting a cedar tree brings diaspora money home

Since its launch in 2009, Live Lebanon has implemented 67 projects and raised US$4.2 million from Lebanese communities abroad. From education to environment, it has tapped into various aspects of society through development and awareness projects.

New technologies and finance to promote sustainable development in a changing world

The Alternative Finance Lab, together with UNDP Panama, organized sessions to learn about advances in innovation with practical cases and thus be able to exchange with organizations that are already promoting blockchain, fintech, and crowdfunding initiatives.

The future is decentralised: Block chains, distributed ledgers & the future of sustainable development

UNDP AltFinLab partnered with Blockchain.com, UNHCR, and WEF to explore how block chain technology works, but also how it is already being used to pursue conventional ends. The culmination of that partnership is in the form of a white paper titled, The Future is Decentralised.

Can blockchain help us better assist refugees and migrants in transit?

Displaced people often struggle with identity loss. Having the digital footprint of blockchain can help refugee families in transit and those of us in the humanitarian arena to get a better sense of what displaced people want. This way, we could get better at tailoring our toolkits to assist them.

UNDP Alternative Financing Lab – the next big thing is a lot of small (and smart things)!

From blockchain to crowdfunding, Alternative Finance Lab mobilized over EUR 3 million across a series of experiments with new financial mechanisms.

UNDPCrowd: A new kid on the block?

The same as for software developers, we, development professionals, need a paradigm shift in how we do work, how that work gets financed and how we assist governments to better do their jobs – to provide services in more efficient way to more citizens with less of those excluded from services for whatever reason.