Virtual Reality Trainings, Meetings & Events

Over the past year, many of us have rapidly changed our ways of working – most noticeably by moving most meetings and events online. Within a few months, we became Zoom and Teams-proficient. But after a year of virtual engagements, Zoom-fatigue is setting in and many of us feel exhausted by constant video meetings.

This webinar explores how ITC-ILO and UNDP are using virtual reality technologies to make meetings more personal, interactive and fun again and take virtual conferences and training to the next level.

View other webinars by the UN Innovation Network and many UN Entities to uncover emerging good practices, showcase successful projects and learn about opportunity areas for innovation, data and digital transformation:

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UNDP Spatial Computing Handbook

The UNDP spatial computing handbook explores how the use of cutting-edge co-presence and remote collaboration technology can make UNDP’s operations faster, safer and more efficient.