Ministry of Data Handbook: A guide to run successful data innovation challenges

The Ministry of Data (MoD) Handbook is a guide to run successful data innovation challenges, created and tested by UNDP IRH’s Innovation team and UNDP Country Offices across the RBEC region.

Data Innovation Clinic Report

The Data Innovation Clinic that took place in Istanbul from 9 to 11 July 2019 was intended to reflect on the work done so far, introduce new data innovation approaches, frameworks and methods, and chart a way forward, both for the individual Country Offices in attendance as well as for UNDP’s data innovation work as a whole. Read out report on the outcome of the event.

The State of Open Data

The State of Open Data is an ambitious 18-month research project designed to reflect on 10 years of community action and review the capacity of open data to address social and economic challenges across a variety of sectors, regions, and communities. The project has been funded by the International Research Centre with the support of the Open Data for Development (OD4D) Network. In the spirit of the OD4D Network, work on this project is intended to be transparent, inclusive, and gender balanced.

Journalism Training Manual: Thinking like a Data Journalist

The Data Journalism Training Manual introduces data and how it is used to create public service stories by journalists. To begin with, this manual explains what open data is, and how it impacts policy.

A Guide to Data Innovation for Development

A Guide to Data Innovation for Development provides step-by-step guidance for development practitioners to leverage new sources of data. It is a result of a collaboration of UNDP and UN Global Pulse with support from UN Volunteers, led by UNDP innovation teams in Europe and Central Asia and Arab States.

Hacker’s Toolkit

The Istanbul Regional Hub partnered with Nesta and four country offices (fYR Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan) to develop a product that can help us bring innovation closer to the center of the organization by embedding it in key project management business processes - the Project Cycle Hackers’ Toolkit.