Presence anytime anywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fragility of the networks linking the world together and challenged us to reimagine how we work together and maintain […]

Beyond bitcoin: Using blockchain to advance the SDGs

Blockchain, an emerging technology often associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has tremendous potential to tackle this and other challenges, accelerating development progress that truly […]

A new year, new perspectives on data innovation

At UNDP we know too well that traditional approaches to development are struggling to keep up with the dynamic speed, breadth and nature of today’s challenges. And […]

Using ‘The Matrix’ to feel climate change

Working with Magic Leap, the German Space Agency and BadVR, we created an experiential visualization, Climate Change Spares No One, that brings to life visceral […]

Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future opened the first week of educational webinars for the UNDP City Experiment Fund. Anna Simpson, curator of the Futures Centre, and […]

Everything we learned from Ministry of Data

The complexity of the challenges we deal with – whether it is conflict, climate change or governance – combined with the high value and cost […]

Adopting a cedar tree brings diaspora money home

Since its launch in 2009, Live Lebanon has implemented 67 projects and raised US$4.2 million from Lebanese communities abroad. From education to environment, it has […]

A fair deal for Ecuadorian cocoa farmers

Best known as the technology behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain is still too new and cutting edge for many industries. Blockchain data cannot be manipulated, it is fully […]

The Future of People Power: Generation Z

Just when we need them most, our governance systems are letting us down. Structures that have been stable for seventy years are cracking under the […]

The Benefits of Crowd Urbanism

Considering that the 21st century is an urban one, key attributes of our cities should be used as assets to harness urban development scenarios, primarily […]

10 Steps to Successful Crowdfunding

UNDP Indonesia experiments with innovative and alternative financing models to tackle development challenges effectively. Here are the ten things that helped their crowdfunding campaign raise […]

Crowdfunding Academy Ukraine 2017

Crowdfunding Academy in Ukraine is a three months project dedicated to entrepreneurs from conflict-affected areas in Donbas. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to […]

Global Crowdfunding Academy

UNDP’s 1st Global Crowdfunding Academy took place in December of 2015 in Istanbul. Inspiring projects that ranged from community green solutions to peacebuilding and poverty […]

Crowdfunding is not (only) about the money

From conducting a successful campaign to setting up Crowdfunding Academy and UNDP Alternative Finance Lab, helping to launch more than 15 campaigns in 10+ countries […]

UNDPCrowd: A new kid on the block?

The same as for software developers, we, development professionals, need a paradigm shift in how we do work, how that work gets financed and how […]