How to ‘hack’ your strategy document to introduce innovation

UNDP Kazakhstan Accelerator Lab team decided to experiment with a new approach to organizational strategies and ‘hack’ our own Country Programme Document (CPD), a strategy document that each UNDP country office submits every five years, to introduce new ideas for experimentation that are timely, innovative, and impactful.

UNDP announces the winners of BOOST’s Innovation Challenge Fund

UNDP announced the five organizations and startups that have been selected as the winners of the 2020 BOOST Innovation Challenge Fund.

Connecting public voices with public policies

Identifying effective means of increasing citizen participation in decision making is timely and relevant considering the impact of the pandemic on populations and governments preparing to lead their people through post-pandemic recoveries. Accelerator Lab team in Kazakhstan envision this period of increased digital services delivery as an exciting opportunity to strengthen ties between the state and its people, making collective intelligence and inclusive decision-making a new norm.

UNDP announces the winners of BOOST’s Civil Society Technology Challenge

UNDP announced the seven civil society organizations (CSOs) that have been selected as Civil Society Technology Challenge awardees of the 2020 BOOST regional acceleration program. The winning participants are actively engaged in advancing COVID-19 recovery by creating innovative and fully digitised solutions – from a wellbeing app for humanitarian workers to a mobile-enabled initiative for disaster-affected communities.

UNDP’s BOOST sets out to amplify digitalization efforts across the region

The acceleration of the digital transformation will be crucial to weather the crisis and ensure long-term growth as we enter a “new normal.” We’d like to highlight a selection of BOOST participants who are gearing innovative solutions towards a resilient future: from accelerating digital literacy to increasing healthcare accessibility to closing the digital divide in education.

What we can learn from Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls about data stewardship

Michael Jordan will shed light on personal data stores; we’ll use the full Bulls team to illustrate data cooperatives, and coach Jackson will help us describe data trusts.

Digital Impact Investment – an interview with Marina Petrović, Robert Pašičko, Rawad Rizk & Dr. Nikola Markovic

UNDP AltFinLab and UNDP Lebanon have created a system solution and technical platform together with the Social Impact Network. The platform, built during the DLT4EU accelerator program, can support the recovery of Lebanon, particularly to provide sustainable energy to facilities such as hospitals and schools, by providing access to funds that would be used to build solar PV plants.

Track-and-Trace: Creating Fairer and More Transparent Supply Chains for Women-Owned Cooperatives in Morocco

UNDP AltFinLab explains their Track-and-Trace project, led under the DLT4EU accelerator programme, and addresses how the application of DLTs help solve societal and environmental challenges in Morocco.

Lessons learned from LiveLebanon – the first UNDP crowdfunding platform

Crises create opportunities, and we created one, LiveLebanon, in October 2009 by bringing citizens, the diaspora, and the private sector together to find solutions to the problems we were facing.