Digital Impact Investment – an interview with Marina Petrović, Robert Pašičko, Rawad Rizk & Dr. Nikola Markovic

UNDP AltFinLab and UNDP Lebanon have created a system solution and technical platform together with the Social Impact Network. The platform, built during the DLT4EU accelerator program, can support the recovery of Lebanon, particularly to provide sustainable energy to facilities such as hospitals and schools, by providing access to funds that would be used to build solar PV plants.

Track-and-Trace: Creating Fairer and More Transparent Supply Chains for Women-Owned Cooperatives in Morocco

UNDP AltFinLab explains their Track-and-Trace project, led under the DLT4EU accelerator programme, and addresses how the application of DLTs help solve societal and environmental challenges in Morocco.

Lessons learned from LiveLebanon – the first UNDP crowdfunding platform

Crises create opportunities, and we created one, LiveLebanon, in October 2009 by bringing citizens, the diaspora, and the private sector together to find solutions to the problems we were facing.

UNDP and IsDB strengthen partnership to support Sustainable Development Goals

UNDP and Islamic Development Bank launched a renewed action plan to strengthen collaboration in support of national efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Supporting NGOs in the Muslim world; what Tadamon can offer

In the Arab region despite steady progress in reducing poverty and boosting health and education, many countries face daunting development challenges. Tadamon aims to strengthen the role of civil society in development programming via innovative financing channels.

Using ‘The Matrix’ to feel climate change

Working with Magic Leap, the German Space Agency and BadVR, we created an experiential visualization, Climate Change Spares No One, that brings to life visceral implications of the changing climate on the delta cities.

Working with Islamic Finance to achieve the SDGs: A win-win?

UNDP has been exploring ways to increase Islamic finance's impact by linking Indonesia and Turkey together, through UNDP Alternative Finance Lab and UNDP Innovative Financing Lab that has been helping countries explore new funding opportunities.

UNDP launches new initiative with mayors to boost solar energy

Mayors from eight countries have joined forces with UNDP on a new initiative to boost financing for solar energy.

Introducing crowdfunding as an impact investment tool to finance startups in Egypt

AltFinLab, UNDP Egypt, and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center partnered together to foster crowdfunding in Egypt to unlock investment for achieving SDGs.